Unique Experiences

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a connection with nature, Glenayr Farm Mudgee has something special to offer everyone. As a luxury accommodation provider, we prioritize exceptional personalised service and attention to detail, ensuring that guests’ needs are met, and their experience is memorable.

We know there are a lot of accommodation choices out there, so why choose us?

Here are some of the highlights of what we offer:

Nature-based immersion and wellness

Our farm offers a serene and rejuvenating environment for guests to unwind and reset their senses. We encourage guests to disconnect from modern distractions and to reconnect with nature which can reduce stress and improve our mental and physical health. Enjoy hot tubs, yoga, hikes, mountain bike riding, mediation in tranquil settings while surrounded by nature.

Nature-based Exercise

Guests can embark on a farm hike or mountain bike adventure, exploring the scenic hills and enjoying the tranquillity of the surroundings. We provide a detailed map pointing out the best view, where the kangaroos sleep in the daytime, the gold miners hut, the willow tree creek and the scattered dining areas for breaks.

Nature-based hot tub

Each villa has their own hot tub and there is one at our Glamping section. Enjoy a Mudgee wine while the sun sets or watch the sunrise whilst surrounded by kangaroos grazing. This can be enjoyed as a mini plunge pool in summer.


With no light pollution the stars are incredible and the area is considered one of the premier stargazing sites in Australia with Mudgee Observatory 10 minutes down the road.

Sleep under the stars, literally in our most private Champagne glamping tent for the most magical experience where sleeping and stargazing merge into one. 

Wildlife Encounters & working farm experience

Our farm is a safe haven for kangaroos, allowing guests to be surrounded by these magnificent creatures. We also have many birds visiting. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with Australia’s wildlife and to immerse yourself in farm life by interacting with the animals.

Glamping Dam Dining

Guests can host dinner parties on the dam, watching the wildlife graze as the sunsets.

Villa Tipi Dining

For a romantic dinner party or proposal.

Helicopter Joy Flights

Guests can be picked up outside their villa or tent for a joy flight over the Capertee Valley (the widest canyon in the world) and dropped off to a winery for lunch.

Historical and cultural experiences

We are very lucky that on our farm we have an original Gold Miners Hut, which was later used as a Wood Millers Hut, then a local farmer used it to help manage his sheep. Before the hut and more of our history was lost forever, we restored her using as much of the original pieces of tin, wood and old milled timber. The walls are lined with the history of Mudgee and Windeyer’s gold mining days.

Q2b 4-in-1 Swing
Giant Swing

Why travel to Bali to get that Instagram shot of the giant swing? We have installed one at Glenayr Farm with the rolling hills and sunset in the background.

Massage on the Farm

Allow yourself to indulge with a massage amongst nature.