Glenayr Farm boasts an ideal location, positioned close enough to be a great base for exploring Mudgee’s renowned wineries, restaurants, and local attractions. Yet, it also offers the tranquillity of being secluded from the hustle and bustle, providing a sense of solitude where you will feel like you are the only people on earth.

How to get there

Mudgee is approximately a 2 hour and 25-minute drive from Western Sydney (the base of the Blue Mountains).

To get to Glenayr Farm, you can either: 

Option A – Drive via Mudgee

  • We are a 25-minute drive from Mudgee.
  • Coming from Sydney, drive through Mudgee towards Gulgong on the Castlereagh Highway.
  • 4 km (4 minutes) out of Mudgee, turn left onto Hill End Road.
  • Drive for approximately 17km (12 minutes), then turn left onto Windeyer Road.
  • Drive for approximately 12.5km (9 minutes) and ‘Glenayr Farm’, 1257 Windeyer Road, Windeyer, will be on your left. A bit of trivia, in the country, the property numbers reflect the distance from the turn-off. So Glenayr Farm is 12.57km from the Hill End Road turn-off.
  • Please note if you come to the ‘Gold and Fleece’ Hotel, you have come too far, so please turn around and drive back approximately 5 minutes.

Option B – Drive via Aarons Pass

If you want to shave 17 minutes off your drive and you don’t need to drive through Mudgee, you can drive via Aarons Pass.

Please note this is a sealed road, but it is windy and less frequented.

  • We are a 38-minute drive from the Aarons Pass Road turn off.
  • 13km (8 min) after Ilford and 42km (30 minutes) before Mudgee, turn left on Aarons Pass Road.
  • Drive for approximately 23km (19 minutes), turn right onto Pyramul Road.
  • Drive for approximately 15km (14 minutes) and you will pass The Gold and Fleece Hotel (a heritage quintessential country Aussie Pub).
  • Drive for another 6km (5 min) and ‘Glenayr Farm’, 1257 Windeyer Road, Windeyer, will be on your right.


  • Country roads are narrow and windy and at night, there are many kangaroos, so please drive safely.
  • Our dirt driveway is 1km long from the sealed road to the accommodation, but if you drive slowly and carefully, the access is perfectly accessible for 2wd’s. However, we don’t recommend you bring your Maserati.
  • Please be aware that GPS devices may not always provide accurate directions for rural addresses so we suggest you follow our provided instructions instead.
  • GPS may suggest taking ‘Queens Pinch Road,’ but please note that this is a dirt road.
  • GPS may inaccurately direct you through our neighbour’s property at ‘BaMack’. To reach Glenayr Farm, please use our entrance on Windeyer Road, where you will find our clearly marked gates (see image below).
  • We recommend you arrive before sunset as it will be one of the highlights of your stay, sipping some Mudgee wine, whilst watching the sunset and the sky explode with stars, but it will also make navigating our 1km dirt road to your accommodation a lot easier in the daylight. If you do arrive after dark, please look at our Farm map which will give you an idea of the lay of the land. Please also make note of the accommodation you have booked and see where it is located on the map. Rest assured; all accommodation is also signposted.

With climate change and constant education of reducing our urban footprint, we decided to build Glenayr Farm 100% off grid providing accommodation with a point of difference with luxury Glamping and romantic villas.


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