Luxury camping near Mudgee NSW

Rates and Booking

LONG WEEKENDS – Including October, Christmas and New Years Eve

To book long weekends, please click the ‘Long Weekend’ tab in the ‘blue booking box’ at the bottom of this page. If you do not want the bunkhouse, please call Rachel on 0411107198 to discuss options.

COVID Bookings

Please be advised if COVID causes travel restrictions during the date of your booking, we will happily re-schedule your dates.


We have ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’ consisting of 4 bell tents and ‘Glenayr Farm Villas’ consisting of 2 Villas.

Our Glamping section and Villas are completely seperate, with their own facilities and are positioned 500 meters apart and out of site of each other for the ultimate privacy for both parties.

There is a 2 night stay minimum. However, our Villas allow a one night stay on Sunday nights.

Check in and check out days are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and Sundays for a one night stay at the Villas).

Glenayr Farm Villa’ rates accomodating 2 people is $500 per night midweek, $590 per night for Friday and Saturday nights and a one night stay on Sunday night is $600 (including a one night surcharge). Both Villas are 500 meters apart and you can not see each other, ensuring the ultimate privacy.

Glenayr Farm Glamping’ rates for our Bell Tents accomodating 2 people is $225 per night midweek and $275 per night for Friday and Saturday nights.

Due to high demand, weekends at ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’ are Group Bookings only of all 4 tents. Rates are $1,100 per night for Friday and Saturday nights and $2,800 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (which includes 50% off on Sunday night).

Group Bookings

When you book out ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’ exclusively with all 4 tents (group bookings also have the option to book the bunkhouse at $450 per night), you have exclusive use of all the facilities belonging to ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’ including the communal area with lounge, dining, billiards table, darts, TV, bathrooms, kitchen and dining room along with the outside hot tub, fire pit area and dam dining. Then at night, you can escape to the privacy of your own tent.

Please be aware that if you book 3 tents, that is regarded as a group booking and requires sole-use of all 4 tents. We do this not only for your own benefit and privacy, but also for the comfort of others.

You can book out ‘Glenayr Farm EXCLUSIVELY’ sleeping 20 people, including both luxury villas (sleeps 2 each), all 4 tents (sleeps 8), the bunkhouse (sleeps 8 children) plus the hot tub. 2 nights mid week is $4,800; 2 night weekend rates is $5,600; 3 night weekend rates is $7,000 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (which includes 50% off on Sunday night).

For more information, please visit the group bookings page.

Things to note

We have positioned ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’ and ‘Glenayr Farm Luxury Villas’ 500 meters apart and out of site of each other for the ultimate privacy for both parties.

Both Glamping and each villa have their own private driveway and entrance, hot tub, fire pit, BBQ and kitchen. They are all positioned on their own hill with the ultimate view and a long way from the road ensuring the ultimate privacy for everyone.

We ask guests to please not wonder around the area that you have not booked, out of respect and privacy to each other.

We ask guests to please keep noise down to a minimum out of respect to each other and our neighbours.

When you book out just one tent at ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’, you share the facilities belonging to ‘Glenayr Farm Glamping’ with the other guests staying in the other tents.

Please find attached a map of our GLENAYR FARM HIKING TRAIL, showing the layout of the land for your perusal.

Glenayr Farm is on 320 acres offering the ultimate seclusion.

Even though we are on a farm, noise does travel. So we do ask you to please be mindful of our other guests and to our neighbours and to keep noise to a minimum, especially after 10pm. We do not allow loud parties.

Hot Tub

Both Villas have their own private hot tub which is included in the price.

At Glamping, there is one hot tub for all 4 tents which is built in at the communal area. Since everyone may not want the hot tub, this is an optional extra of $100. This covers the cost of having it sterilised clean before each use, filling it with water (that gets shipped in), the cost of the gas to heat the first fill with hot water and wood to reheat it on subsequent nights. When individual tents are booked, the first person to book and pay for the hot tub, gets EXCLUSIVE use of the hot tub for the duration of their stay (as it is not hygienic to share). Upon booking, you will receive codes and instructions on how to fill and heat the tub.

Our tents are:

  • Pinot
  • Shiraz
  • Chardonnay
  • Champagne

Glenayr Farm is unhosted, however, if you do need urgent assistance, please call Rachel on 0411 107 198 or Michael on 0412 076 370.

Cancellations and changes to dates

Cancellation/rescheduling by participants.
All payments are non-refundable.
Cancellations and the rescheduling of dates are not permitted.

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Alternatively, if you would like to call Rachel on 0411 107 198, she can make the booking for you over the phone and answer any questions (as I do understand it can be a little complicated, especially if you would like extended stays).

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